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Comprehensive Legal Services in Rotorua



When it comes to buying and selling homes, sections, farms, lifestyle block subdivisions or any other residential property, we can help with the legal details.


We can also assist you in conveyancing for commercial properties. This includes buying and selling large and small businesses and commercial real estate.


If you need to obtain a better interest term and rate, consider refinancing your property. Our services can guide you through the paperwork of replacing your original mortgage.


Whether you’re managing commercial leases or farm leases, we can help you with contracts and take actions in the case of a broken lease.

Life Planning


Staying proactive about future legal planning can save your family a costly and stressful burden after you’re gone. Our professionals can help you organise wills and power of attorneys.


Consider creating a trust now so you can fully decide what happens to your belongings. We can also assist you with asset planning.

Company Law


If you’re interested in owning a franchise, make sure you understand all the details and take precautions to protect yourself legally. Our professionals can help you navigate this big decision.

Relationship Property

Whether we’re assisting with separation and relationship property or disputes between two parties, we’ll help you work out a reasonable solution.

We’re members of NZ Law, an association of independent legal practices

Let’s Work Together

You can expect responsiveness and respect from our end. In return, we expect honesty and cooperation from you. Give us a call to find out how we can work together on your legal work.
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